• Carefully remove the product and accessories from package.  (Keep packaging for safe storage).
  • Battery installation: The Magic Wand uses 2AA premium alkaline batteries (not included) such as Duracell or Energizer. Open the battery cover (on the handle, opposite the on/off buttons) with a small Phillips-head screwdriver.
  • Insert the Receiver plug into a standard 125-volt grounded AC electrical outlet.
  • Plug your decorative lights into the Receiver plug’s outlet. Make sure your device does not exceed the voltage and frequency ratings (125VAC/60Hz/8A).
  • To turn your Receiver ON and activate your device, press the "ON" button on the Wand. The LED light in the Star will light, accompanied by chimes. The LED power indicator on your Receiver should illuminate to indicate that the power is ON.
  • To turn your Receiver OFF and deactivate your device, press the "OFF" button on the Wand. The wand will once again light and a chime will sound. The power indicator light on your Receiver will turn off to indicate that the power is OFF.
  • When storing your wand, please remove batteries. 


Can I use multiple receivers in one house? 

Yes. Each wand/receiver unit is either an A, B, or C frequency noted by a sticker on the top of the package, bottom of the wand, and on the receiver.  Pair multiple receivers with the same frequency so that lights in different areas of the house can all be turned on/off at once.  Or, use different frequencies for separate lights.

Do you sell multiple receivers?  

No. You’ll have to purchase an extra unit to pair them up. Buying additional units will add convenience by placing wands in different areas of the house.

Can I use the Magic Light Wand for outside lights?  

While our receivers are water-resistant, they are rated for indoors use and should always be plugged into covered electrical outlets.

Can I plug a power strip in to the Receiver?  

Yes. Our Wand/Receiver units operate as an on/off switch and are UL or ETL tested and certified.  Our receivers can be used for most decorative holiday lights, power strips, and low voltage devices with capacity up to 1000 watts.

Why are my lights turning off and on automatically?  

Most likely, you have a neighbor on the same frequency and should swap out your unit for another frequency.  If this is not the issue, then it could be a faulty Receiver or your location has too much Radio Frequency interference.  Please contact our customer service department about a replacement.

What if my wand is working but my receiver is not?

Sometimes the wand will seem like its working but may not have enough power to send the signal to the receiver.  We suggest replacing the batteries with 2AA premium batteries such as Duracell or Energizer.  

For all other inquiries, please contact